About infection prevention

Hand wash and gargle
It is very fundamental, but it is necessary to protect yourself from contact infection. Frequently, let's do before meals. Especially at workplaces and trains, unspecified number of people touch desks, doorknobs, fishing leathers and handrails. You need to be careful with these. Also, when sneezing or coughing, if you hold it with your hands, viruses etc will stick in your hands, so let's hold down your mouth with tissue etc.
Masks are also important. There is a gap or the like, but not completely prevent infection, but it also helps to prevent coughing and sneezing. Also, it is meaningful to moisturize the throat.
Avoid crowds
It is also important to avoid crowds, such as in cities and crowded trains. Let's put as much mask as possible when you need to go out and workplace school.
Rest and meal
It is important not to sleep moderately, take up nutrition firmly, and not weaken the body.
Depending on the illness, there are things that can be prevented with a vaccine. Be sure to vaccinate against vaccinations that require legislation. Influenza does not always suffer from vaccination, but it can lower the risk of severity when you have influenza.
When going abroad
Information on infectious diseases is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We recommend you to travel after checking. After returning home, if there is something wrong with physical condition, let's get medical examination as soon as possible. Also, let the doctor travel overseas in advance and tell them that you may have suffered from infection.
Senior citizens
Senior citizens as well as schools and workplaces in elderly facilities such as elderly welfare facilities may collect infections. Older people are often infected, causing illness and causing severe cases and complications in many cases. For elderly people, preventive measures are especially necessary. Also, it is necessary for people in the surroundings not to infect diseases to elderly people.
Children, like the elderly, are often infected and cause disease or complications due to severe illness.
Parents should make sure that children receive vaccinations to be taken while they are small.

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