About antimicrobial

What is antimicrobial?
To suppress the development and multiplication of bacteria.
Even in Japan Industrial Standards, antibiotic specification products are stipulated.
Examples of antimicrobial products
· Railings of stairs and escalators
· Railings of trains and buses · Hinged leather
· Escalator buttons etc. are examples of antibacterial products.
Difference from sterilization and disinfection
Sterilization ... to kill bacteria.
Disinfection ... Decrease the number of bacteria that can grow from effective number of objects.
Problems of antimicrobial products
While antibacterial products are used in various places, it is pointed out that there is a risk that bacteria will become stronger.


Let's think!

  • Let's look for other antibacterial processed products.
  • Let's look for another product that should be antibacterially processed.


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