Bacteria and viruses exist in our immediate vicinity and cause various diseases.
Infection is a thing that happens in the near future, and it is necessary to be careful.
If you take corrective measures, you do not need to be careful about infection excessively.

Impressions of site creator

Through the creation of this site, I first learned about infection for the first time.
In the first place, there was a feeling that one of the purpose of making this site was "There might be a site that allows more people to know infections that are difficult to be found".
As we made the site, as we proceeded with the investigation, a difficult term came up. We had plenty of things we knew for the first time.
Meanwhile, although it was difficult to make a site that even elementary school students could understand, I got lost in choosing words, but I cooperated with the team and made up this site.
As you all know, "infection", "bacteria / virus" are very familiar to us.
I hope that you can use even a little in your life through this site.
Thank you very much for seeing it to the end.



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Thank you for seeing the site.