NIID field trip report

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, there was public release of National Institute of Infectious Diseases,Murayama Research Buildings.

At the research institute there, we are conducting research on pathogens.



Let's show you the actual situation.


Handwashing practice

I was able to actually try out how much I can drop the hands on the hand with the hand washing.


Before applying fluorescent paint. Even when light (UV) is applied, no change is seen.


Apply a glowing paint and apply again to light (UV) this street! I regard this as a dirty hand.


Wash your hands so hard with the soap according to the correct hand washing procedure.


I intended to wash carefully ... but still a little left on my fingers. I will go wash it again.


It is almost not shining. The whole hand is beautiful. I have to wash carefully and I can not remove dirt ....
From the usual time, I was noticed the importance of washing my hands carefully.

Researcher's Lab Experience

Here I am divided into 【Experimental Tool Booth】 【Bacterial Booth】 【Virus Booth】, I was able to operate experimental tools used by researchers and observe bacteria.


It is a micropipette. It is not used in experiments at school. I actually used it.



It is an exhibition of Escherichia coli, Bacillus natto, and lactic acid bacteria.
Note: Escherichia coli displayed here does not seem to be pathogenic.


I could also observe E. coli with a microscope.





There are many kinds of vaccines.
Here, we had a tightening experience of the vaccine by albin bottle.


First of all, I packed silica gel that I thought of as a vaccine into a bottle.


And tighten the stopper with a special tool. The stopper does not close properly unless it grips strongly.


done! !

In this way, the vaccine is made and our body is protected from disease.

In the public release of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Research Murayama, we made many experiences that we could not usually do, and the interests and concerns about infection were further deepened. Thank you very much to everyone at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases,Murayama Research Buildings.