What is vaccine?

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Have you ever struck a vaccine? It is familiar to those who said vaccination or injection There may be.

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I have hit it. It's like influenza, right?

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Yes Yes. A vaccine is a liquid of injection (vaccination).

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For example, when pneumonia type B or Japanese encephalitis is scheduled to have injections, the vaccination must be done. Meanwhile, influenza and other things are supposed to be vaccinated or not.

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The vaccine contains pathogens, weakening the power of pathogens and putting them in the body, we will create a force against the pathogen, "antibody". Next, when the same pathogen enters the body, it suppresses that it increases. The work of suppressing this increase is called "immunity". Vaccines have problems. One of them is "side effects". By receiving a vaccine in the past, there were times when it became serious diseases such as polio and tuberculosis.

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Is that so! What?

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However, many of the vaccines I am currently using are safe and can receive immunization safely.

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However, when you receive vaccination, let's obey the rule (for example, if there is a fever, if it is influenza, etc.). Also, regardless of safety, some people rarely get high fever or cause cramping. In that case, let's seek medical attention immediately.




Let's think!

What are the advantages of vaccination? Let's think about it.