Let's prevent infection

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Here I will explain how to prevent infection.

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First of all, what kind of thing do you think the infection prevention method is?

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Is it washing your hands and gargling?

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Is it like attaching a mask?

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Yeah. Gloves, gargle, and masks are important.
Besides, taking sleep moderately to take a rest, eating properly to take nutrition properly and not to weaken the body leads to infection prevention. And it is also important to properly vaccinate the vaccine

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Especially small children and the elderly become severe and cause other serious diseases, so it is important to avoid infectious diseases.

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Also, attention is required when going abroad. Since various infectious diseases are prevalent overseas, let's check promptly at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and carefully and take a medical examination as soon as possible after returning home if the condition is bad.
Also, at this time, let's tell the doctor to go overseas beforehand to inform you that it may have been infected.


Let's think!

What are the advantages of vaccination?